Explore STEM careers through space

What does a doctor, graphic designer, engineer, artist, programmer, architect, composer, and farmer all have in common? The answer is….Space!

The Sussex Science Partnership invite you to journey with them to explore the plethora of aspiring and sometimes surprising jobs involved in space missions and how they support the Primary School curriculum.

Help children make the connection between STEAM subjects and the modern world, sparking a passion that fuels future career possibilities. Collaborate with teachers and experts and access free resources to inspire your pupils and enrich your school’s science capital.

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Research shows that we need to engage children in STEM careers as early as possible.

“When it comes to inspiring children to pursue STEM, it’s critical to start as early as possible in the education process – from nursery on up – and help children make the connection between STEM subjects and the miracles of the modern world,” notes John Lechleiter. “That’s the revelation that can spark the passion that fuels a career.”

Participants will have the opportunity to collaborate on how they use the Sussex Science Partnership’s expertise to enrich their own school’s science capital. There are three sessions in total, come for one or all of them!