Wide range of courses available for Governors and Clerks

The Children’s Services Standards and Learning Effectiveness Services has a wide programme of training suitable for both Governors and Clerks. 

Whether you’re new to the role or if you’d like to develop your skills further, there is a range of topics available throughout terms 3, 4 and 5. 

Health & Safety 

The role of the Governor in monitoring Health and Safety in schools is obviously critical. The sessions running in February, March and May will help explain the legal framework and give you the skills to help promote a culture that recognises that controlling risks is the responsibility of everyone involved in school life. 

To find out more about the February course, click here or use our course search to find more dates. 

Mental Health & Wellbeing 

This topic has become far more pertinent in the last year and the importance of embedding a culture of positive practice for both staff and students is now widely recognised. This workshop references the Government guidelines about how Governors can support their Senior Leadership Team to monitor staff and understand the schools’ responsibilities.  There are workshops taking place in both February and March

Other available workshops include Preparing for OfstedHandling school complaints, Equality and Diversity Training and Developing Financial Management

See our Course Directory for all available topics and dates. 

The Governor and Clerking Service (GCS) is available to provide high quality support and advice on a range of issues, both large and small. Many governors are dealing with very complex issues within their schools, as well as the general day to day pressure of working in lockdown. Thank you for all that you are doing for our school communities.

As well as getting support directly from the GCS, they can also link you up with Local Support Governors or National Leaders of Governance who can provide bespoke support and advice on a range of issues. Clerks can also contact the GCS with any questions or queries.

Local Support Governors (LSGs) are experienced and skilled governors who are willing to support other governors and their governing boards in East Sussex. LSGs are designated by the East Sussex Governor and Clerking Service.